[CM] sndinfo doesn't work w. large riff/wav (from other apps), sun/next is ok

anders.vinjar at nmh.no anders.vinjar at nmh.no
Thu Nov 10 04:27:25 PST 2016

Using sndinfo to read some info on large soundfiles.

Is it sndlib or sox failing here?

   $ sox -n -c 2 silence.au trim 0.0 10000.0
   $ sndinfo silence.au  | grep length
   length: 10000.000000

   $ sox -n -c 2 silence.wav trim 0.0 10000.0
   $ sndinfo silence.wav  | grep length
   silence.wav: no data chunk?silence.wav: no data chunk?$

soxi reports correct duration with both files.

Making the large .wav with snd makes sndinfo report good numbers.

sndinfo and snd fails on large wav-files made with other (libsndfile
based) apps too, eg. ardour.  It's ok with shorter files (< 2.1 GB?).

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