[CM] tap fixed - patch to tankrev.scm

anders.vinjar at nmh.no anders.vinjar at nmh.no
Tue Nov 1 08:25:33 PDT 2016

>>>>> "B" == Rujo2eW1CriLhL8O  <bil-Q5CBQdYaXkCY9Qp> writes:

    B> After the expansion, you have
    B>     (let ((FS 29761)) (round (* (/ *clm-srate* FS) smpl)))
    B> at a dozen or more places.

So you're telling me i want read-time evaluation then, not read-time
expansion?  Replacing an expression with its value catched at read time
- no cure except for copy-pasting text?

    B> let, but it is unhappy about *clm-srate*.  It can't be certain
    B> it's compatible with round, or that it's constant during the loop
    B> (the latter is doable in the best-of-all-worlds

Sounds like something i definitely want to check.

    B> (complex *clm-srate* would mean at least complex phase increments
    B> and output, so you'd generate a 4-dimensional output --
    B> 2-dimensional time makes me smile, but I can't immediately think
    B> of a musical application.  

Not disqualifying options like these by design is one of the real
blessings of this wonderful tool.



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