[CM] Snd: imprecision when playing selections

Daniel Lopez daniel.lopez999 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 12:28:27 PDT 2016

On 28/03/16 18:33, bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU wrote:
> I think all you need is a dac_loop_sample where
> it now calls dac_read_sample (to get the next input
> sample), and slightly smarter handling of the
> actual loop.  I'll add it to my TODO list.
> (Grumble -- I think of Snd as an editor --
> aren't there programs dedicated to looping?)

I'd be surprised if no-one had run into this before, it seems like the 
kind of thing that might crop up in a number of use cases. I actually 
noticed it while following along with the "How to paint a bird song" 
part of the manual (the whole of the animals.scm file is awesome, by the 
way), trying to select a section of the "steady state" of the tweet to 
do a frequency analysis on, and I got confused when what looked steady 
didn't sound steady and consequently I wasn't sure whether to trust the 
output of the FFT.

Thanks for considering it for a future version, though.


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