[CM] Snd: getting a prompt on stdout

Daniel Lopez daniel.lopez999 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 21:42:52 PDT 2016


Is there a way to get a ready prompt on the stdin/stdout interface? The 
(set! (listener-prompt) ...) customization only seems to affect the 
prompt in the listener, inside the actual graphical window.

At the console though, while I can indeed enter things and see the 
results printed back out, the cursor always finally goes back to the 
start of a new line.

I'm trying to improve the Emacs mode and it would help to see a prompt 
for the next command to be able to detect the end of multi-line output.

(I'm using the Gtk version. I guess this might work with the no GUI 
version but I would like to have the GUI around at the same time to 
visualize waves etc.)

(I briefly wondered about using maybe:
   (hook-push read-hook (lambda (hook) (snd-print '>)))
  to manually print the arrow after each command, but then that doesn't 
seem to be working to print anything extra out in either the listener or 
console, and I suspect it wouldn't be quite right in other ways, even if 
it did.)


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