[CM] new syntax for (list (new midi)

Rob Howiler rhowiler at presby.edu
Thu Mar 3 08:57:21 PST 2016

I am trying to make something work, but I am using old syntax I am sure.  Below is what I am trying to do.  Can anyone help me with the proper syntax?

(define (thump knum at)
  ;;make two percussive events below knum)
  (list (new midi :time at 
             :key (- knum 18)
             :dur .05 :amp .5)
        (new midi :time at 
             :key (- knum 23)
             :dur .05 :amp .4)))

I’m getting an “unbound variable” error message for “new"

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Academic Computing Services Coordinator
Assistant Professor of Music
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