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James Hearon j_hearon at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 20 10:38:16 PDT 2016


For Snd using Scheme what would be best workflow or best practices for stitching together several with-sound calls or note lists?  Ex. I have my insts loading from a separate .scm  file using the "load" command and ten or so with-sound calls in a separate .scm file.  I was doing that in lisp and CLM using "with-mix" but don't seem to see that thru scheme.

I found the ":continue-old-file #t" with-sound flag and also the Notehook feature in the Snd Scheme manual but not sure this is best way to add those in sequence, programmatically.

(with-sound ( :continue-old-file #t :reverb nrev :output "/home/MyTest.wav" :srate 48000 :channels 2
             :header-type mus-riff :statistics #t :play #t)
(nssb_sub 4.25 2  1440 .5  0.01  1.0  0  0.1  1 )


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