[CM] MIDI channels....

Rob Howiler rhowiler at presby.edu
Wed Feb 24 10:59:05 PST 2016

Hi - This may be a Logic Pro issue, so forgive me if it turns out to be non-CM related.

I’m using this code, but the separate MIDI channels don’t seem to be working.  When I try it in “real-time”, it all comes out on one channel.  If I have all three MIDI tracks record-enabled in Logic, all three get all MIDI channels.  That is probably a Logic/software synth issue.  But when I write it to a MIDI file, it’s all on one channel, too.

Thanks in advance for any help.

(define functions……) - these are all fine...

(define (ttone3 len row key beat amp chan)
  (process repeat len
           for i from 0
           for pc = (list-ref row (mod i 12))
           for w = (* beat (random 4))
           for n = (if (= w 0)
                     (if (chance? .5)
                       (+ key 12)
                       (- key 12))
                     for k = (+ n pc)
          (mp:midi :dur beat :key k :amp amp :chan chan)
          (wait w)))
(sprout (list (ttone3 36 row1 55 .175 .2 0)
        (ttone3 2 row4 72 4 .2 1)
        (ttone3 10 row2 67 .25 .2 2))
        '(0  1 12), "rowDone.mid")


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