[CM] sprouting multiple processes

Rob Howiler rhowiler at presby.edu
Wed Feb 24 06:29:04 PST 2016

Hi - I am sorry to bombard the list with questions every day.  It’s been helpful, though.  Thanks to those who have helped me already.

I’m trying to sprout multiple processes at the same time….

I’m using this syntax - the ttone3 process has already been defined and running one instance of sprout works fine.  I’m trying this syntax

(sprout (ttone3 arg1 arg2….)
	    (ttone3 arg1 arg 2….))

It’s not working, though.  Just running 

(sprout (ttone3 arg1 arg2….))
works fine.
Thanks for any help.

Dr. Rob Howiler
Academic Computing Services Coordinator
Assisstant Professor of Music
rhowiler at presby.edu
(864) 833-8324



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