[CM] newbie question (sorry)

Rob Howiler rhowiler at presby.edu
Fri Feb 19 05:56:40 PST 2016

The following

(define one (new midi :time 0 
		:keynum 60 :duration 2))

gives “new” as an unbound variable.  I’m taking this straight from the Notes From the Metalevel book…..am I missing something?

Also, when I save a .lisp file, it doesn’t track changes.  I can “save as…” with the same filename & it’ll save the changes, but a regular “save” command won’t save any changes.

Thanks in advance & sorry for such a low-level question.

Dr. Rob Howiler
Academic Computing Services Coordinator
Assisstant Professor of Music
rhowiler at presby.edu
(864) 833-8324



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