[CM] cm rendering audio through csound in real time?

Forrest Curo treegestalt at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 21:57:30 PST 2016

What I have in mind would take notes generated-by or received (via midi) by
cm, send them in real-time

to a running instance of csound (which would handle the audio rendering)

while cm records notes & timing, fnurgles these in interesting ways, and
plays back the resulting notes through csound.

(I've noticed that specialized music programs & languages tend to hoard the
system's audio resources, which complicates things when one tries to run
two musical applications at once.
cm -- if I've got this right -- doesn't do that. And seems to have
advantages for manipulating note values, timing, etc., things which can be
done directly in csound, but relatively clumsily. )
The two programs could be linked via OSC, but the simplest way I've found
to send notes to csound is to run it with "-L somefifo" in the command
line, then throw score lines into that fifo.

[Is there some easier built-in provision for real-time csound in cm, or is
it pretty much limited to producing scores to be run later?]

Will I need to keep opening-&-closing the fifo, to keep it clearing the
buffer as soon as it's time for a new score line to play? (Many programs
tend to hang on to a file they're writing to, which leads to all the notes
being held until the file is closed, when they all burst out at once.)


Forrest Curo
San Diego
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