[CM] Scheme errors in fresh Grace build

Joel Matthys jwmatthys at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 16 21:13:55 PST 2016

Hello all. I just built Grace from source and all compiled fine, but 
when I open Grace I get:

Starting Grace...
Common Music 3.9.1 [Config=Debug]
Creating Windows Skin...Creating Console...OK!
Creating Preferences...OK!
Creating OpenSoundControl...OK!
Creating Scheme...OK!
Creating AudioManager...
;play: unbound variable
; (set! *clm-player* play); ((set! *clm-srate* 44100) (set! *clm-chan...

;set! *clm-header-type*: unbound variable
; (set! *clm-header-type* mus-riff); ((set! *clm-data-format* 
mus-lshort) (set...
; ((set! *clm-srate* 44100) (set! *clm-chan...

Very little works now; "sprout" comes back as unbound, for instance.

Any suggestions for tracking down what is broken?


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