[CM] quicklisp clm

Juan Cristobal Cerrillo jccerrillo at me.com
Wed Dec 14 10:19:04 PST 2016

> If a minimalist approach is good for you, it is quicklispable :)
> (asdf:defsystem "clm"
>  :description "Common Lisp Music"
>  :version "3"
>  :author "William Schottstaedt <bil (at) ccmra (dot) stanford (dot) edu>"
>  :licence "LLGPL"
>  :perform (compile-op (o c)
>             (load (system-relative-pathname "clm" "all.lisp"))))

Yes indeed!
(Though it won’t load on lispworks.)

Any chance of changing the asd?


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