[CM] scheme move-locsig

andersvi at notam02.no andersvi at notam02.no
Fri Apr 29 00:21:40 PDT 2016

Hi James.

    J>     (myinst i v  (next aaa) .9 48000  0.01  0  1.0  '(0 90 5 0)  )

Seems you're setting the panning-envelope for every note to '(0 90 5 0),
and scaling the duration of this env to the hard-coded 12 seconds in
your make-env call.

Given the short note-durations (0.1->1.0 sec.) this leaves all your
notes close to 90 degrees.

Btw, there seem to be different interfaces to the various *locsig
functions in clm/snd.  dlocsig uses 0° as front by default, while Bills
locsig in snd uses 45° as center.  Better check the docs.

If you change the 12 seconds to durations in your ins:

 (make-env panning-env :duration duration)

you may fool around more with the envelope in the calls, eg.:

(myinst i v (next aaa) .9 48000 0.01 0 1.0 `(0 ,(random 90) ,v ,(random 90)))


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