[CM] Common Music 2 and PWGL

Juan Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Apr 8 09:12:30 PDT 2016

Dear Torsten,

I have been interested in the work of Camilo Rueda and Mikael Laurson
for years now.

That's why you caught my attention when you pointed out that CM2 was
working inside PWGL.

I appreciate your points and response because for some of us not in CBP
circles your updates are worthful.

>> Rules are in libraries like legacy PWConstraints. Being so,
>> programming would only be needed in case a library is being
>> developed or extended.
> Sorry, I don’t quite understand.
> Developing the rules (constraints) is also programming, but it is
> (at least ideally, there are borderline cases) purely declarative —
> the rules describe features the result should have.

This is what I meant.

Agree, we are getting a bit off-topic.

Best regards,

   -- Juan

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