[CM] building Grace with OSC and FOMUS and saving files

Matti Koskinen mjkoskin at kolumbus.fi
Tue Apr 5 18:05:42 PDT 2016

hi Antoine,

I tried to compile too, but oscpack goes fine. I built it first configuring with cmake (mkdir build ;cd build; cmake;)

Im stuck with undefined Point, I didn’t look closely enough why, but it’s deep inside in include CarbonCore/Finder.h included from Framework to Framework from juce.h

I remember from Juce-forums, that there were some incompatibilities with some version of Juce and 10.10, because Apple had changed something in audio again.

Now Juce-website gives “under maintenance” so can’t check it for  sure, or get a compatible juce-version.


sorry, first one went directly Antoine, always forget the reply-all button.

But trying with  Juce, somewhere in the code found version numbered 3.1.1 (there isn’t any version in juce.h), and  after changing 2 compareLexicographically-calls  to compareNatural (sounded natural :-) in Sndlib.cpp the app was built. Don’t have midi connected now, but tried clm.scm, which uses s7 and Sndlib.cpp, test.wav was written and played too. Didn’t try to save from the editor, so that’s for later today, it’s 4am already here.

All cats are gray at night and they’re also nocturnal animals.

Code gives tons of warnings, but no errors or segfaults so far.

best regards,


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