[CM] fomus/grace/windows

Johannes Quint johannes.quint at web.de
Sat Nov 1 03:17:14 PDT 2014

hello rick, hello david,

we have again some problems with grace/fomus: a student of mine tells that fomus doesn't work on windows 7. or maybe can't communicate with grace. 


(with-fomus ("test.ly") 
    (fms:note :pitch 60 :time 0 :dur 4))

there is no "test.ly" file and after

(sprout (process repeat 1 do (fms:note :pitch 60 :dur 4 :time 0)) "test.ly")

he gets:

>>> Error: don't know how to open "test.ly"
open-file: (error "don't know how to open ~S" ... ; str: "test.ly"
open-file: ((ffi_sched_set_score_mode mode) mode) ; mode: 0
sprout: ((if *sprout-hook* (*sprout-hook* file... ; file: "test.ly", start: 0
                                                   ; id: 0
                                                   ; startBeat: 0

do you have any help for us?

thanks a lot, johannes

Johannes Quint
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