[CM] Several questions

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue May 27 09:48:17 PDT 2014

> am not sure about other people, but I am looking for a tutorial which will 
> help me understand sound synthesis

I think there are books available that fill this need: maybe the MIT press
collections, or Dodge and Jerse?  (I can't actually remember the latter,
but we once used it here at CCRMA).  CLM is trying to fill the same needs
as CSound (leaving aside real-time work of course), so the synthesis 
ideas are the same.  Perhaps other cmdisters have more up-to-date

> Furthermore, a sndlib tutorial might be an alternative to tutorials 
> such as the ones you can currently find on CSound or PD on the Internet or 
> in books (eg, "Designing Sound"). 

I've heard good things about these, but haven't read them -- "Designing
Sound" is on my infinite TODO list.  The sndlib docs do need attention --
one more thing for that list.

For the iPad apps, I bet you'd learn fastest by simply fiddling with them --
some have amazing user interfaces (that would take me 3 lifetimes to reproduce),
although I don't know the 2 that you mention.  My guess is that in this case wavetables
are recorded sounds, and you can loop or filter them.

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