[CM] snd

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jan 30 14:23:11 PST 2014

> I was trying to figure out how to play from the cursor (red triangle) 
> with a tracking cursor.  Mine seems to always start from the beginning 
> of the file when I do ctrl-play.  

I see this behavior only in multichannel files using "united" channel graphs.
There was a typo in the code that tracked which play marker was being clicked --
thanks very much for the bug report.  I think the same change would fix the
earlier Snd: 

/home/bil/cl/ diff snd-chn.c ~/dist/snd/snd-chn.c
< 	  ncp->original_cursor = CURSOR(ncp);
> 	  cp->original_cursor = CURSOR(cp);

> Also how would you go about normalizing in snd?  
> is that what the "-> 1.0" selection is for when right clicking on a selection?

Yes, that is one way to do it.  In the listener, you can use (scale-selection-to 1.0).

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