[CM] cm beta5

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Thu Jan 2 11:17:32 PST 2014

Ive completed a beta5 of the cm 3.9.0 that i almost finished last fall. Im going to start teaching with this in the next few weeks so Ill only be adding bug fixes at this point.  new things in this update:

1. builds in the latest s7 (3.3) and juce (3.0.0)
2. both scheme and sal versions of all examples and tutorials are available for the first time.
3. examples and tutorials checked to make sure they work
4. new app icon working on mac and window.  I've left an 256x256 icon for linux in res/etc/cm.png but i have no idea how to get icons associated with apps on linux.

prebuilt mac (include oscpack):

prebuilt win (includes oscpack):

sources (equivalent to svn revision 2111):

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