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Halim Beere halimbeere at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 12:02:04 PST 2014

When you set up a Grace OSC receiver, Grace calls a function. That function
can do anything, including send a MIDI message. But you'll have to write
the function . . . so yes, you'll have to convert OSC messages to midi.

Press Cmd-D in Grace, and look at the OSC documentation. You'll need to
open a port, and then do osc:receive(function) or osc:receive(path,
function) where you can register whatever function you want.

As far as synchronizing Grace with Ableton's clock, you can't really do
that. Grace has its own metronome, but there's no way presently to
completely reset it each time you hit stop and play in Ableton. (This, I
think, would be a good feature to add . . . perhaps I'll look into it).

In the meantime, you can try to send an OSC message to start Grace at the
correct tempo, account for latency, and forget about using Grace's built-in
metronomes. You'll need to send enough information, and often enough, to do
the syncing yourself. The devil's in the details tho, so it's hard to be
more specific.

Hope this helps.

- Halim Beere

On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 11:38 AM, Ken Locarnini <ken at nunativs.com> wrote:

> I am new to OSC and am using Ableton Live with Max4Live. I have a couple
> of basic questions about how it works with Grace.
> -Will I be able to call Grace functions over OSC and have Grace play the
> midi back over OSC or a midi port and pipe it into Live? I'm not sure if I
> have to convert OSC messages to midi or midi is contained with the OSC
> messages.
> -Can you synchronize Graces output with Ableton Live's clock over OSC?
> Thanks for any help on these basic questions!
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