[CM] Snd 14.9

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Aug 18 12:16:36 PDT 2014

Snd 14.9:

s7: symbol-access is now just the set accessor function (not a list), and it is
      local to an environment.  See reactive-let et al in stuff.scm.

    define and friends now return the value, not the symbol (like set!).

    added mockery.scm.

    added hash-table* (unconsed args): 
        (hash-table '(a . 1) '(b . 2)) 
        (hash-table* 'a 1 'b 2)

    "let" replaces the "environment" terms
    make-procedure-with-setter is now dilambda

        new name       old name

        let?         environment?
        rootlet      global-environment
        unlet        initial-environment
        with-let     with-environment
        outlet       outer-environment
        sublet       augment-environment
        varlet       augment-environment!
        curlet       current-environment
        owlet        error-environment
        funclet      procedure-environment
        let->list    environment->list
        openlet      open-environment
        openlet?     open-environment?
        coverlet     close-environment
        let-ref      environment-ref
        let-set!     environment-set!
        inlet        environment and environment*

        dilambda     make-procedure-with-setter
        dilambda?    procedure-with-setter?

Snd: edit-position can't be a function
     mus-sound-path and *mus-sound-path*
     *default-output-data-format* is now *default-output-sample-type*
     default-output-data-format is replaced by default-output-sample-type
     similarly, data-format, mus-sound-data-format, mus-data-format->string and mus-data-

checked: gtk 3.13.4|5|6, FreeBSD 10, sbcl 1.2.2.

Thanks!: Francis Derive, Anders Vinjar

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