[CM] building grace on mac

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Wed Apr 23 08:33:47 PDT 2014

If you don't build Grace from sources on the mac just delete this message. If you do, then read on...
With the upgrade to Xcode 5.1I'm finding that its becoming harder and harder to build apps and libs outside of the Xcode development environment, even if the Xcode terminal development tools are installed and you are doing nothing 'wrong'. At this point, building Grace in the console will work for debug builds but not for release builds. In the release build an internal architecture error happens at link time so the app won't build. Ive tested using two different apps and across two different computers and both apps give me the errors.  However, if I build everything inside Xcode then I can get debug and release builds without problems. So the safest and most sustainable thing to do at this point is probably to just move to Xcode on the mac as only way to compile from sources. Now, if you're younger than 30 or if you play video games then using Xcode's IDE is probably no big deal, but an old dog like me wants nothing more than a console to type bash commands into, a Makefile, Emacs and a bone. But it seems I don't get a vote in this, and for me personally the huge mac App Store and the potential to run on mobile devices like the iPad makes the mac a really attractive target...

Right now to build Mac from a virgin cm source tree you should do

premake4 --file=appstore.lua
open Grace.xcodeworkspace
Hit the run button.

That'll work for the time being (without fomus), but  moving forward  I'm wondering if at this point  i shouldn't  remove premake4 from the toolchain altogether and provide a cm/build directory with projects set up for SndLib and Grace on linux (Makefile), mac (Xcode) and windows (vs2010). This would be a ton of work for me but might be the easiest solution moving forward.

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