[CM] linux-port of OpenMusic

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Wed Oct 30 05:30:57 PDT 2013


Made a simple patch, renamed it, OM crashed with this report :

assertion failed: (child->parent == GTK_WIDGET (container))

Error: Segmentation violation(11) [code 0] at 21918042
      {Offset 8 inside #<Function 
capi-gtk-library::lispworks-layout-widget-set-child-geometry 2191803A>}
eax       58 ; ebx A00F75B0 ; ecx 2061062C ; edx        1
esp 1CEFD5A4 ; ebp 1CEFD5AC ; esi       56 ; edi        0
   1 (abort) Return to event loop.
   2 Destroy interface "omwork" (of type editorwindow)

Type :b for backtrace or :c <option number> to proceed.
Type :bug-form "<subject>" for a bug report template or :? for other 

OpenMusic 1 : 1 >

Ctrl-C gets me out of the loop, and the patch is renamed correctly - and 
works - when I restart. It's a simple calculator for a harmonic series, 
copied from this video :


The patch doesn't appear to cause any problems. Maybe LW doesn't get 
along with Xfce on Ubuntu 12.04 ?

Please advise if you need more information, I'm happy to help debug, 
though I'll need some pointers. It's been a while since I last worked 
with Common Lisp.



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