[CM] Grace, cs:event

James Hearon j_hearon at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 30 22:16:32 PDT 2013

cs:event (list)
  → void

Sends an event list to Csound. The first element in the list must be the event's type, either i or f. Similar to "cs:i" and "cs:f" in all other respects. 

Hi,I hope I'm on the right list for this query. I have below using scheme, and so far so good...
(cs:i 1 0 1 440 1000)
(cs:f 1 0 1024 10 1)
but stuck here..(cs:event (list (cs:i 1 1 1 880 1000)))
I haven't been able to discover what the interpreter needs to stop bonking at me, although it does seem to write it to the console when using Audio>Csound>Export Score in spite of the error shown.
... Error: #<unspecified> is not a Csound statement type

If some kind soul has an example, I would appreciate seeing how it's done.


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