[CM] CM 3.9.0 (alpha)

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Sat Jun 22 08:13:26 PDT 2013

CM 3.9.0 (alpha) is available. A prebuilt mac binary can be downloaded here:


on Linux you can build the app easily enough from sources:

  rm -rf cm
  svn co http://svn.code.sf.net/p/commonmusic/code/trunk cm
  cd cm

see readme.text for optional build flags.
don't have a windows build quite yet.

the main work for this release:

o refactoring entire code base (about 80% done)
o moved to most current SndLib, Juce, Fomus, Liblo and SDIF (sndlib juce liblo and sdif  have all had 2013 releases)
o OSX: external app for midi playback no longer needed. If you deselect all midi out devices in the menu, Grace will switch to its new internal synth plugin ("apple's dsl music synth") when you generate midi.  the plugin sounds much better than SimpleSynth. you can tweak plugin parameters using the new "Synth Settings..." item in the audio menu
o Grace menus redesigned and simplified.
o completly reimplemented the audio and midi file players. no more pops, and playing multiple files at the same time should work. the player handles wav and aiff.
o added Trace Ouput flag for Open Sound Control

the remaining work for the release will be to continue refactoring the code (including examples and tutorials) , modernizing grace's look-and-feel, and on osx i'll try to switch over to the normal Apple style application menu bar.  these last two steps will be quite complicated so im not sure how long it will take me...

regardless the whole app should now be working and with completely up-to-date packages.


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