[CM] when it rains...

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jul 11 13:53:09 PDT 2013

I'm in the midst of trying to escape from autoconf-hell, so
snd, sndlib, libxm, and clm are all in a state of flux.  Please
let me know if you hit an error.  The goal is to reduce the
configure script to nothing but a few trivial switches,
leaving all the grandmotherly error-checking to the compiler,
and use premake4 instead of autoconf as much as possible.
Rick wrote premake4.lua for sndlib, so that is working in
Windows and on the Mac if you're using c++.  At the same
time, gtk has yet again deprecated everything and dashed off
in some new direction, so as usual I'm trudging somewhere
way in the back of the pack trying to keep up.  The goal
apparently is to make it impossible for the application writer
to have any control over the behavior or appearance of his
application -- why would I go to all the pain of writing a
GUI app if I was willing to let some (ahem) fine person
at Gnome dictate every pixel?

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