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That was what I was missing.
re: Did you load clm first? Eg. (load "/my/dir/clm/all.lisp") ?
...so am off to try to build an inst with clm now.
Regards,Jim Hearon

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> >>>>> "J" == James Hearon writes:
>     J> (compile-file "v.ins") works in slime-repl sbcl, and I get a v.fasl etc.
>     J> but
>     J> (load "v") bumps me out to the debugger, and this is where I'm
>     J> stuck with clm since the blog description is about cm, not clm.
> Did you load clm first?  Eg. (load "/my/dir/clm/all.lisp") ?
> Quick tip, you'll always hit errors working with code.  Just telling
> somebody you hit an error is useless without the backtrace (messages,
> everything which leads up to the error, including the error-messages
> etc).
> Working w. slime you'll typically look in a *sldb-xxxx* buffer (which
> pops up) for errors, and *slime-repl* and *inferior-lisp* for warnings.
> -anders

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