[CM] Grace freezes on sprout

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Sat Sep 22 09:22:09 PDT 2012

this might be an issue with the new error handing. let me try…

On Sep 22, 2012, at 10:33 AM, Sergey wrote:

> When I run the following code in Grace:
>    (define (foo)
>      (let ((sequence '(0 1 2)))
>        (process
>          for i from 0 to (length sequence)
>          for current-element = (nth sequence i)
>          do
>          (print current-element)
>          (wait 1))))
>    (sprout (foo))
> grace will print:
>  0
>  1
>  2
> and then will go in to what seems like some kind of infinite loop,
> spiking my CPU usage to 100%, and slowing everything on the system down
> to a crawl.  If I let it run for longer than maybe 30 seconds, my
> system will completely freeze (except for disk activity, as I can
> see the disk drive light flash), with no mouse movement or keyboard
> input of any kind having any effect and no more screen refresh
> happening.  The only solution at this point is a hard reboot.
> Grace has had the same behavior in numerous other cases as well, but
> this is just one of the simplest reproduceable cases I've been able to
> find.
> Another thing I'd like to report that even when doing absolutely
> nothing, Grace uses about 34% of my CPU.  That's what happens when
> I run a fresh instance of Grace, without loading any files, nor
> opening Grace's editor or doing anything else.  That's pretty
> significant CPU use for a process that's doing virtually nothing.
> Is there any way to make Grace more efficient?
>  --Sergey
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