[CM] slippery chicken release

Michael Edwards michael.edwards at ed.ac.uk
Sun May 27 08:01:25 PDT 2012

Hi David,

> Any chance you'd be interested in putting this on github or similar??  I've
> come to really dislike tarballs for getting source, and... while you're
> certainly under zero obligation to pay any attention to the wishes of
> someone randomly e-mailing you, I'll just let you know that there's at least
> one potential user out there who'd appreciate it.  (Meanwhile, I'm about to
> download the tarball anyway...)

We have a great svn+trac service here at the University of Edinburgh
so whilst I've no plans to put slippery chicken on github I'd be happy
to provide anyone who mails me the address to svn the latest copy.
All the different version branches will be there as well as a 'latest'
branch of stuff we fix but don't yet include in a new release.

All the best, Michael

> If you'd like any links to info about getting started in git or anything
> like that, I'm happy to provide some favorites -- I'll assume, though, that
> you already know about it and have chosen not to use it for specific reasons
> (and that I'm going to be out of luck on my wishes), and only provide such
> things if you want them.  :)
> Best,
> - David
> On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 8:04 PM, Michael Edwards <michael.edwards at ed.ac.uk>
> wrote:
>> It is with great pleasure that I announce the open-source release of my
>> algorithmic composition software "slippery chicken":
>> http://www.michael-edwards.org/sc/
>> Please feel free to re-post to any potentially interested colleagues,
>> students
>> or mailing lists.
>> Workshops introducing the software will be held in Edinburgh, UK, and
>> Karlsruhe, Germany, in July 2012:
>> http://www.michael-edwards.org/sc/workshops.html
>> "slippery chicken" is an open-source algorithmic composition system
>> written in
>> Common Lisp which enables a top-down approach to music composition. The
>> software was originally tailor-made to encapsulate the author's personal
>> composition techniques, however many general-purpose algorithmic
>> composition
>> tools have been programmed that should be useful to a range of composers.
>> The
>> main goal of the project is to facilitate a melding of electronic and
>> instrumental sound worlds, not just at the sonic but also at the
>> structural
>> level. Pure instrumental or electronic composition is of course possible
>> with
>> the system too. Techniques for the innovative combination of rhythm and
>> pitch
>> data--arguably one of the most difficult aspects of making convincing
>> musical
>> algorithms--are offered.
>> Anyone interested in discussing the software is encouraged to join the
>> Google
>> Group http://groups.google.com/group/slippery-chicken
>> Best wishes,
>>        Michael Edwards
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