[CM] CL-CLM on github?

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Thu Mar 29 17:41:53 PDT 2012

On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 12:52:57PM -0700, Bill Schottstaedt wrote:
> David Lindes says he would like to work on the CL version of CLM,
>     "from adding example usage information, to documentation, to 
>     perhaps cleaning up certain warnings that I get, making it 
>     quicklisp-friendly... whatever."
> but he prefers git/github, about which I know nothing.  I have no
> plans to develop the CL CLM, so surely this is a good thing?

Oh, marvelous! Yes, git is definitely the way to go. 

 Ralf  Mattes

> I sent him this email:
> Hi!  I'm flattered that you're interested in CLM.  I stopped working on
> the Lisp side of that code about 10 years ago because it was too
> painful to debug anything through the Lisp FFI's of that time (sbcl in
> particular was a nightmare).  But I've continued fixing any bugs that
> people report.  My real effort since has been in C/Scheme (sndclm.html in the
> Snd package).  Since the sndlib portion is shared, I always test the CL
> stuff whenever sndlib changes.  The other CL program from that era is CMN,
> also more-or-less comatose, but also maintained ever since.
> I don't know anything about git or github -- any info you might want to
> pass along would be welcome.  I'm certainly open to your suggestion,
> and would like to avoid sourceforge, if possible (I assume github is
> something else).  I'll ask the other CLM/CMN users what they prefer.  
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