[CM] variables for weights

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Thu Mar 29 14:32:26 PDT 2012

> Hello!
> So far the nifty function of Prof Taube has worked fine with numbers:
> However it seems it can't handle variables in the place of weights.
> How can I change that so I can use for instance the command
> (setq z 30)
> (gn-weight 2 '((a z) (b 5) (c 50)))

hi. you can use a comma prefixed expression within the backquote macro  
(the ` char not the ' char) to selectively evaluate items in a list:

so it would be:

(let (( z 30))
   (gn-weight 2 `((a , z) (b 5) (c 50))))

of course you can always use the list function and regular quoting to  
evaluate expressions too:

(let ((z 30))
   (gn-weight 2 (list (list 'a z) '(b 5) (c 50))))

but rather than using the code you included you might consider using  
patterns -- they will do all the work for you!  in cm2 it would be

(let (( z 30))
   (new weighting :of `((a , z) (b 5) (c 50))))

in cm3:

(let (( z 30))
   (make-weighting `((a , z) (b 5) (c 50)) ))

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