[CM] CL-CLM on github?

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Mar 29 12:52:57 PDT 2012

David Lindes says he would like to work on the CL version of CLM,

    "from adding example usage information, to documentation, to 
    perhaps cleaning up certain warnings that I get, making it 
    quicklisp-friendly... whatever."

but he prefers git/github, about which I know nothing.  I have no
plans to develop the CL CLM, so surely this is a good thing?
I sent him this email:

Hi!  I'm flattered that you're interested in CLM.  I stopped working on
the Lisp side of that code about 10 years ago because it was too
painful to debug anything through the Lisp FFI's of that time (sbcl in
particular was a nightmare).  But I've continued fixing any bugs that
people report.  My real effort since has been in C/Scheme (sndclm.html in the
Snd package).  Since the sndlib portion is shared, I always test the CL
stuff whenever sndlib changes.  The other CL program from that era is CMN,
also more-or-less comatose, but also maintained ever since.

I don't know anything about git or github -- any info you might want to
pass along would be welcome.  I'm certainly open to your suggestion,
and would like to avoid sourceforge, if possible (I assume github is
something else).  I'll ask the other CLM/CMN users what they prefer.  

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