[CM] older CLISP version

René Bastian rbastian at free.fr
Thu Jan 19 04:23:45 PST 2012


after installing CMN on another computer (Debian 6.0), I got :
[1]> (load "cmn-all.lisp")
;; Loading file cmn-all.lisp ...
*** - LOAD: compiled file /home/rb/CMN/cmn/cmn-loop.fas was created by
an older CLISP version and needs to be recompiled
Rentrées possibles:
SKIP           :R1      skip (HANDLER-BIND # #)
STOP           :R2      stop loading file /home/rb/CMN/cmn/cmn-all.lisp
ABORT          :R3      Abort main loop
Break 1 [2]> 
but clisp did not say how to compile.

Thanks for your help,

René Bastian

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