[CM] Snd 13.0

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Aug 8 09:55:49 PDT 2012

Snd 13.0:

Mike Scholz fixed up the sndins directory.

Matti Koskinen got s7 working in uclinux on the blackfin processor.

removed run.c and the run macro (34000 lines!). 

removed ptree-channel, max-virtual-ptrees, optimization, 
  optimization-hook, add-clm-field, declare, and all the scheme
  functions that depended on these.

deprecated vct-map!.

added Save icon to the toolbars

moved the clm/clm2xen struct declarations out of the header files,
  and added accessor functions.  (Bumped clm to 5.0, sndlib to 22.0).

completely changed defgenerator (in s7 it is now based on environments).
  removed def-clm-struct and ws-interrupt.

added mus-mix-with-envs (for fullmix), and oscil-bank.

removed gamin support (ancient libfam replacement).

removed the s7 WITH_OPTIMIZATION switch

checked: gtk 3.5.6|8|10, mpc 1.0, sbcl 1.0.58

Thanks!:  Matti Koskinen, Mike Scholz

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