[CM] metronomes and live coding

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Tue Nov 22 11:26:17 PST 2011

Thanks to some really terrific work by Halim Beere, Grace now has some  
very cool new features. The most important things Halim has done is to  
add a new metronome facility and to convert the scheduler to be  
entirely metronome and beat based. If you do nothing then everything  
works as in the past, except that now you have (at least) one  
metronome available to use.  Metros allow you to do many new things,  
for example, sprout process to start on a future beat regardless of  
tempo, move between tempos smoothy keeping all algos in sync, sync  
processes to different metronomes for poly-tempic things,  all manner  
of phasing and syncing between metros, etc. its easy now to perfom  
reichs piano phase exactly as it is done in a concert.

Halim also made some important changes to sprout() and stop() to  
support "live coding" . The main thing is that sprout now lets you  
_replace_ processes currently running in the scheudler with new  
versions but without altering the run time, sort of like "redefining"  
a running algorithm on the fly...

He has added two very helpful example files that get you going and are  
lots of fun to work through:

Help>Examples>Sal>Live Coding

  ill some point when the dust settles ill add these examples to the  
help>examples>scheme sub-menu too...

The Metronome api is already documented, see the new Metronomes  
section in the Dictionary, and the updated doc on sprout() and stop()  

Metros should work in all ports, ive saved what apps I can make right  
now here:



Note that my ubuntu release 2009 is no longer support and audio isnt  
working in it anymore so I cant test audio or midi there anymore, at  
least not until after new years when i can hopefully get a new  
computer (mac with emulator :) )

there is no windows version yet ,  I can try to get it running there  

also: The Audio>Plugin menu that exists in this app is disabled for  
now, more about this in a few days!

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