[CM] grace to lisp and back

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Tue Nov 22 07:23:11 PST 2011

you could use JUCE classes for this instead of an external lib, look  
at its StreamingSocket  or InterprocessConnection classes.  (This is  
what I used to make GraceCL, that code is unused now but all the  
socket stuff still exists in src/CommonLisp.cpp and it woked fine with  
most common lisps...)

On Nov 21, 2011, at 6:14 PM, Matti Koskinen wrote:

> Portmidi never worked in lisp cm, so I tried another approach.
> Looking at s7.html, there's a chapter about external c-programs to  
> load as dynamic lib. I added the
> cload  part in s7.c and built grace from source. All went well an I  
> modified a socket-program found from the net.
> Now grace can send and receive messages in  udp.

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