[CM] cm rts?

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Fri Nov 18 10:19:48 PST 2011

> My midi-setup works really great with Grace. Once you gave me a  
> scheme-code using osc, and I used it till lion upgrade. Simplesynth  
> can't now read sound fonts. I tried building fluidsynth both with  
> macports and fink but they need jack and osx-jack don't work, well,  
> jack from macports doesn't work either. So I gave up.

andrew burnson runs simplesynth on lion so i know it works  
there...anyway sometime next week you will be able to load apple's   
DLS plugin (for example) into grace and use that instead of sending  
data out to simple synth....if you want you can use juce's  Plugin  
Host app to define whatever plugin graphs you want and test them out  
and then save them to files.  then next week you will be able to load  
those graph file into Grace and send data to them.

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