[CM] timesigs problem

Ricardo Gabriel Herdt ricardogh at esdebian.org
Thu May 12 17:28:00 PDT 2011

Another question (now I think I'm at the right mailing list).
In the following test example, when I comment out the "fms:meas" process, I
get the result shown in the attached "without_timesigs" file. If I enable
the process to change the time signatures, I get the weird result shown in
"with_timesigs". Any idea?

BTW (this one I think is something relative obvious I'm missing), I've never
understood why I have to use the "with" declaration in the first process so
that I don't get all the notes on a single staff. Changing ':part inst ' to
':part p' produces the "last-example" file.

(let ((parts '((:id "vln1" :name "Violino I" :inst "violin")
           (:id "vln2" :name "Violino 2" :inst "violin"))))
   (list (process for p in '("vln1" "vln2")
          do (sprout
              (process with inst = p
                   for k = (between 60 80)
                   with pat = (make-cycle '(1 0.5 0.5 1/3 1/3 1/3 1/4 1/4
1/4 1/4 6))
                   for rhy = (next pat)
                   repeat 20
                   do (send "fms:note"
                    :pitch k
                    :dur rhy
                    :part inst)
                   (wait rhy))))
     (process for dur in '(4 6 4)
           do (send "fms:meas"
                :dur dur
                :beat 1/4)
           (wait dur)))
   "timesigs.ly" :parts parts))

Running Common Music 3.7.2 with FOMUS 0.1.17-alpha under Debian 6.0

Thanks in advance!

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