[CM] Problem with octave signs (Fomus bug?)

Ricardo Gabriel Herdt ricardogh at esdebian.org
Wed May 11 07:41:10 PDT 2011


I've noticed an inconsistency with octave signs, possibly a fomus bug, as
shown in the following example.


(let ((parts '((:id "vla" :name "Viola" :inst "viola" :clef "alto"))))
  (sprout (process
       for rhy in '(5 2)
       for k = (key 'bf5)
       do (send "fms:note"
            :pitch k
            :dur rhy
            :part "vla")
       (wait rhy))
      "test.ly" :parts parts))


It might be related to the forced alto clef.

Running Common Music 3.7.2 , Fomus 0.1.17-alpha under Debian 6.0.

Best regards,

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