[CM] Grace and Fomus on F 14

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Fri Mar 18 17:41:37 PDT 2011

> 0.1.15 installed where? Locally in your account @ ccrma?

yes, i built everything at ccrma under my home dir:  ~hkt/Software   
but i cant test because im connected via terminal. i test on ubuntu  
and things seem to work there.

>> so thats the version of fomus you should install when you
>> run the app.
> AFAICT Grace does not link with fomus, I imagine it just calls the  
> fomus
> executable?

it links dynamically with /usr/local/lib/libfomus.so

> I just built a fomus 0.1.5 package for fc14 and there is an error when
> trying to run a simple example. With this freshly compiled and  
> installed
> fomus I get an error just running /usr/bin/fomus with a single  
> note .fms
> file. The error appears just after it prints "running LilyPond" (it is
> an underfined symbol in /usr/lib/fomus/lilyout.so).
> -- Fernando

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