[CM] Snd 12.0

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Mar 18 02:32:36 PDT 2011

Snd 12.0

   selection has a loop play triangle
   mix and cursor have play triangles
   if mouse click would trigger play, the cursor is a right or left arrow.
   removed draggable mark play triangle and mark-drag-triangle-hook.
   added variable play-arrow-size (default: 10)
   added Edit:Unselect menu option
   added with-menu-icons (gtk only).
   added optional "alpha" arg to make-color.
   moved delete-selection-and-smooth from selection.scm to C.
   added delete-samples-and-smooth.
   typing space in a graph plays from the cursor, space while playing = pause/continue
   startup window size is 700x300
   auto-resize defaults to false in Gtk, true in Motif.
   in gtk, the trailing cr argument to draw-axes in not optional.
   in Motif, libXpm is no longer optional.
   the Region browser print option has been removed.
   removed click-for-listener-help.
   removed Snd.gtkrc, Snd.ad, and the obsolete X resources stuff.
   removed time-graph-hook; replaced by combined-data-color.

   tracking-cursor-style defaults to cursor-line.
     cursor-follows-play moved to snd11.scm.
     with-tracking-cursor is now a global (not sound-local).

   removed c-g! function; it can be replaced by stop-playing.
     removed c-g? in Scheme -- it is superfluous.

   added 'src' and 'auto' buttons to the Save-as dialogs for automatic srate conversion
    and a blog-style commentary.  In the extension language, these are
    save-as-dialog-src and save-as-dialog-auto-comment.

   added sync-style variable: sync-none, sync-all, or sync-by-sound (now the default).
     this used to be handled in extensions.* under names like global-sync-choice.
     sync-none was the previous default. examp.scm sync-all function renamed sync-everything.

   moved with-reopen-menu to snd11.scm, and removed it from the preferences dialog.
     This menu is almost the same as the built-in File:Open recent menu.

   moved make-hidden-controls-dialog from snd-motif|gtk.scm to snd11.scm, and removed it 
     from the preferences dialog.  It is now built-in as Options:Controls
   moved show-selection from extensions.* to C, added unselect-all (in C)
     which replaces clear-selection (selection.scm).

   added show-full-duration, initial-beg, initial-dur, ask-about-unsaved-edits,
     with-toolbar, remember-sound-state, with-smpte-label.  removed old
     show-smpte-label in *.scm.

   remember-sound-state in extensions has been moved to C (old scheme code is in snd11.scm).
     it now reads/writes a file named "remembered-<soundfile-name>.scm|fs|rb" where
     <soundfile-name> is the current sound's file name.

   with-toolbar defaults to true in gtk, false otherwise.  It replaces toolbar.scm
     and panic.scm.  Also with-tooltips to turn tooltips on or off.

   The built-in popup menus are now context sensitive, and the files popup.scm
     and gtk-popup.scm have been removed. In s7/Motif, the listener popup can
     show a stacktrace of code as it is running!

   In the beginning, before the libxm library, I thought it made sense to include
     functions like draw-line which would draw a line, no matter what graphics
     environment Snd was built with.  Unfortunately, cairo needs an explicitly
     handled cairo_t structure.  So, draw-line, draw-lines, draw-dot, draw-dots,
     draw-string, fill-rectangle, and fill-polygon now have a required trailing 
     cairo_t argument (it's ignored in Motif).  Also two new kludges to get and
     free this structure: make-cairo and free-cairo.  There aren't that many
     uses of these functions (most the fancy graphic stuff uses direct cairo
     or Motif calls from libxm), so perhaps eventually, they'll be removed.

   To make it easier to zoom in on the FFT, the keypad arrow keys are bound
     to zoom and move the FFT bounds, analogous to the normal arrow keys which
     affect the time domain graph.  (There isn't any place to put sliders for
     this, and the Options:Transform sliders aren't always handy).

   in s7, random-state->list and a C tie-in for the random number functions.

   Snd now needs Gtk 2.12 or later.

checked: sbcl 1.0.46, gtk 3.0.1|2|3, mpc 0.9

The "daily tarballs" are now snd-12.tar.gz and snd-12.tar.bz2.

Thanks!: Louis Gorenfeld, Hartmut Noack, Philipp Uberbacher, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano,
         Mike Scholz, Rick Taube.

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