[CM] cm 3.8.0 alpha1 (Black Magicke)

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed Jun 15 05:00:10 PDT 2011

ive got the first binary of 3.8.0 available for osx win32 and ubuntu:


1. uses the latest optimized S7 and sndlib instruments: Bill says:  "I  
think it is
	1/3 faster (and the GC takes less than 1/2 as much time
	as it used to), but I haven't really tested it much yet.
	Some of this optimization is pure black magic."

2. reimplemented Plotter , now includes real-time audio of any plot  
and  a new Tabbed Editor. Im about 3/4 completed but its already  
working pretty well. See the updated "Plotting" examples in the Help  

3. new feature: sdif-import and sdif-import-frames using Ircam's SDIF  
library on osx and linux. (I tried to compile SDIF lib on windows in  
visual studio but did not have any luck. )

4. a MidiFile player with transport and tempo control (see Audio>Play  
MIdi File... )

If anyone knows how to statically compile either the sdif or liblo  
libraries on visual studio please contact me!

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