[CM] object-system

Antoine Daurat antoinedaurat at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 9 13:52:37 PDT 2011


since i saw that common music integrated a 
lispich object-system in earlier version
 I searched one to fit in the newest. I've 
searched the web for libraries wich I could 
load in 3.7.2 but I was always unsuccessful - 
with slib I became error by non-real-time 
process and many of the object systems
 I've found was meant 
for MITScheme, Chicken, Chez etc. but wasn't S7 compatible 
(lots of "define-syntax", of R4RS, of module 
I also looked at the s7 documentation and I guess 
that it is possible 
to implement an object-system with 
make-type and define-record, but I am a beginner 
with Scheme and
 it looks like a lot of programming...

My questions is : Do you plan to add an 
object-system to CM, 
if not can you recommend one who is 
compatible with S7?

I thank you.



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