[CM] Arno in Grace?

Torsten Anders torsten.anders at beds.ac.uk
Wed Dec 28 07:29:29 PST 2011

Dear Alan,

Thank you for your interest in my old CM extension Arno. As you already noticed, this software is now more than 10 years old -- I wrote it as part of my master thesis for CM 1.4. This program was the first constraint-based system for music composition I designed, and the lessons I learnt there informed my later projects in this area, in particular the design of Strasheela (http://strasheela.sourceforge.net). More specifically, the order in which decisions are made during the search process in Arno is inefficient for most cases, except canons. Many Strasheela-related publications are available at my website (http://cmr.soc.plymouth.ac.uk/tanders/writing.htm).

If you are interested in using constraint programming for music, there exist a number of systems besides my Strasheela. I attached a recent survey paper of this field for your convenience. A very interesting system not yet included in this survey is PWMC by Orjan Sandred, there is a CMJ paper discussing it [1]. 

Nevertheless, if you really want to use Arno then its source is still available at http://cmr.soc.plymouth.ac.uk/tanders/software.htm, together with a related ICMC article and my mentioned thesis (in German).

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of further questions. 

Best wishes,

[1] Sandred, Örjan. 2010. “PWMC, a Constraint-Solving System for Generating Music Scores.” Computer Music Journal 34 (2) (June 1): 8-24. 

PS: In case you want to install Strasheela you may run into some compilation difficulties on a 64-bit machine (I just did not have any time to update this installation description, due to my new lectureship -- just let me know if you have any problems).

Dr Torsten Anders
Course Leader, Music Technology
University of Bedfordshire
Park Square, Room A315

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On 28 Dec 2011, at 13:42, rm at tuxteam.de wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 02:04:31PM +0100, rm at tuxteam.de wrote:
>> This program most likely requires/runs with CM2 - Grace is CommonMusic3,
>> IIRC. To get your copy of CommonMusic2 you need to check out the cm2
>> branch from the subversion repository. What OS are you using? On
>> Linux/OSX it's as simple as (in a terminal):
>> $ svn co https://commonmusic.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/commonmusic/branches/cm2
>> (all in one line). That will fetch the code from the repository and put
>> it into a directoy/folder 'cm2'.
> Gosh, I just flipped through the Disertation on Alan - that mentions
> Stella - so even CM2 will be to "new". I think I have Stella on some
> archive disk but you'd need some old  vsion of Allegro Lisp or
> Macintosh Common Lisp  (the later is available as Open Source now, but
> you need some old Mac hardware or an emulator. Doable but tricky ... ,-)
> HTH Ralf Mattes
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