[CM] those birds of the samson box

Juan Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Dec 1 12:28:38 PST 2011

Hi Bill,

Thanks a lot for your response, for the hints, anecdotes and story but
most of all thanks for the Samson box code. It gives me lots of insight.

I see that little can be automated since whether we want it or not, to
get realistic sounds we need whole song sonograms. Wow, it must have
been lots of work at the time..

But your hint of getting the sonograms of a birdsongs onto Snd to get
the envelopes seems reasonable and a great way for people to get used to
envelopes and additive synthesis. Sorry I overlooked the issue in

BTW, on trying to follow this procedure with duck quacks and
interestingly enough I jumped into this web page [1], stating that a
duck's quack doesn't echo. Although it seems that's only a myth.

 --* Juan

[1] http://www.acoustics.salford.ac.uk/acoustics_info/duck/

> Many years later, I made what I think are better renditions in
> animals.scm, using Snd to make the sonograms, and some very good
> recordings from Cornell.  There's documentation about that in
> sndscm.html.  Some bird songs are incredibly beautiful when
> slowed down via granular synthesis.

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