[CM] CM 3.7.2 available

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sun Apr 24 09:28:58 PDT 2011

CM 3.7.2 is available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/commonmusic/
binaries for osx, win32, ubuntu and fedora.
here are the release notes
Common Music 3.7.2

o Enhancement: If a process using mp:midi is sprouted in the context  
of a Fomus score then mp:midi will automatically route its note date  
to the Fomus score, with the midi channel number used as the Fomus  
part id.

o Enhancement: All random functions, including S7's random function,  
now use a common random number generator. Use random-seed to get and  
set the seed that controls random number generation.

o Enhancement: The Hush command has been redefined to stop all sound  
output (not just midi) and is now situated in the top level audio menu  
along with the keyboard shortcut COMMAND-K. Selecting Hush triggers  
the following actions:
   * all processes running in the scheduler are flushed
   * midi output message queue is flushed
   * AllNotesOff is sent to each midi channel
   * audio playback transport is stopped if an audio window is open  
and playing
   * any running scheme expression is interrupted back to top level.

o Enhancement: New editor command Save As Version saves the current  
contents of the buffer to a new file version (the file name with a  
number attached to its end) never overwriting an existing version. The  
editor must already have a file for this command to be active.

o Enhancement: Grace now saves the position and size of the Console  
window on Quit and restores it to the same configuration on startup.

o Enhancement: added Eval>Interrupt Scheme menu item to the Editor's  
Eval menu. Use this command to abort Scheme's current execution if the  
process seems to be taking too long or if you managed to start an  
"infinite loop" running. (Note: if the infinite loop is sending text  
output to the console then mouse and menu behavior will be very slow,  
try use the ⌘-K shortcut to abort the loop ...)

o Enhancement: Audio Playback window now supports the following  
keyboard shortcuts:
   * Spacebar - play/pause
   * Return - move cursor to start of file
   * Right-arrow - move right in file
   * Left-arrow - move left in file
   * Command-W - close window
   * Command-M - minimize window

o Enhancement: mp:on and mp:off now support midi tunings and floating- 
point keynums identical to mp:midi.

o Enhancement: new instruments parse-samples and cut-samples for  
parsing samples from an audio file. See Instrument Browser window for  
more information.

o Enhancement: the file-version function now has an optional  
nooverwrite arg that, if set to true, returns a versioned file name  
that is guaranteed to not reference an existing file.

o Enhancement: in the editor double-clicking the left-side " character  
of a string now selects the whole string.

o Enhancement: CM dictionary now has an Index section, the editor's ⌘- 
D (documentation lookup) command now works for all entries in the  

o Enhancement: updated to S7 Scheme 1.83 (14-Mar-11).

o Enhancement: upgraded to latest Fomus framework (version 0.1.17).

o Change: each unique Fomus output file name now has only one fomus  
score associated with it and if the file is regenerated its fomus  
score is cleared and reused. To output different versions of a file  
use the file-version function to create new (versioned) file names and  
scores each time.

o Change: the Fomus menu in the Code Editor window is now the same as  
in the Console Window.

o Bug Fix: fixed a bug in Play Audio File window that moved cursor  
past end of file.

o Bug Fix: fixed a bug in the midi output queue that sometimes caused  
data to be double-freed and producing a noticible glitch in real-time  
sound output.

o Bug Fix: fixed a bug in documentation lookup for symbols that caused  
some symbols to not be found.

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