[CM] Newbie: How are different ccrma projects related?

Matthew D. Swank akopa at charter.net
Tue Sep 21 18:53:30 PDT 2010

 On 09/21/2010 05:47 AM, Bill Schottstaedt wrote:
>> Could someone explain, or point me to a resource that explains the how 
>> common-music, Snd, and CLM are related? I am a little confused. 
> clm is a sound synthesis package; it is used by snd, and can be used
> by common music.  Snd is an editor; common music is aimed at
> composition.  All three can use s7 scheme, and common-music/clm 
> can use common lisp.  
Thank you.  I looked at clm ages ago, and it has bloomed in the interim.


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