[CM] cm beta 4

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed Sep 1 07:25:30 PDT 2010

ive fixed the nit  for the newest s7, updated svn and made a new beta  
release for osx (beta4)
in addition to things compiling with latest s7 this beta contains a  
new function midifile-header (returns global info about a midifile  
like num tracks etc) and a much improved version of midifile-import   
that handles meta message processing and importing multiple types of  
messages, eg:

; find out what kind of messages are in track 0
midifile-import("/Users/hkt/incline/zincline-1.mid", 0, "op")

;; import the start times, key numbers and durations of all notes in  
track 1
midifile-import("zincline-1.mid", 1, {"time" "key" "dur"})

;; import all tempo changes and program changes from track 0
midifile-import("zincline-1.mid", 0, {{"op" "tempo"} {"op" "prog"  

see cm.html for docs on both functions

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