[CM] Notes from the Metalevel - review link broken ; relevancy of text

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Tue Oct 19 06:12:40 PDT 2010

Terrence Brannon wrote:
>     * The documentation page
>       (http://commonmusic.sourceforge.net/#documentation) links to an
>       offsite review, but that link does not serve

You found my review on Amazon though, it has basically the same 
conclusion as my CMJ review.

>     * I was looking at the TOC of this text and it speaks about Lisp
>       programming, but the latest implementation of CM uses Scheme. Is
>       Lisp meant in a more general sense?

Lisp has various "dialects". Scheme is one of them.

>     * Is the text still a good way to learn the current version of
>       Common Music? It looks to be a good teaching text. All the other
>       documentation looks like reference material. Even so, it does
>       not seem to cover GRACE, but I presume that will be fairly
>       intuitive.

GRACE is essentially an IDE for Common Music. IIRC it uses yet another 
language (Lisp dialect ?) for its user interface. And yes, it's pretty 
easy to use. You might want to look over these articles for more 
information about CM/Grace :



>     * Is there a way to add midi keyboard information to a composition
>       somehow?

I think so, but someone else will have to advise you. Typically I use 
CM/Grace for non-realtime work.



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