[CM] cm 3.7.0 -- loading instruments.

JOSE IGNACIO QUEVEDO xmajbsf76 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 07:34:15 PST 2010

Hy Heinrich, thanks for the information:

i just beginnning installing the software grace:

as i think it is possible to design any frecuency and spectrum in CLM?

or one can only modify the instruments that are preprogramed there?

i notice there are 2 from Juan Reyes, he was teacher of me long time ago for 
a short period and he teach me the backgrounds of algoritmic composition.


jose ignacio quevedo.

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> ive released cm 3.7.0 with prebuilt binaries for win32 fedora ubuntu
> and osx (intel):
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/commonmusic/files/
> ---
> * Enhancement: updated to S7 Scheme 1.72 (23-Oct-10) and latest CLM
> runtime and instruments.
> * Enhancement: updated to latest Fomus framework (0.1.12-alpha-rc6 )
> * Enhancement: new Midi Out>Recording menu lets you record, save,
> import and play back anything sent out the port.
> * New functions: mouse-x mouse-y mouse-button -- read and return
> current mouse screen coodinates and button state.
> * Enhancement: new function midifile-import
> * Enhancement: new function midifile-header
> * Enhancement: new function file-version
> * Enhancement: Console window displays a silver frame while Lisp is
> waiting for input. The frame disappears when input is executed to
> indicate that Lisp is busy and unavailable for input during this time.
> * Bug fix: fixed bug in markov-analyze that caused infinite loop in
> some cases.
> * Bug fix: fixed bug in pathname-directory and pathname-name that
> returned bogus pathname components.
> * Bug fix: fixed some indentation bugs for SAL1 and SAL2 edit buffers.
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